$500 Gift Card and Waived Application and Admin Fees!
$500 Gift Card and Waived Application and Admin Fees!
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Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas

The Vista Apartments in Dallas is paw-approved! Whether you have a pet and are looking for an apartment to accommodate the needs of your four-legged family member or are looking to get a pet in the future, our pet friendly community will be perfect for you! Let’s face it, nothing is more welcoming than opening your front door to be greeted by the adorable face of your canine companion. Studies prove that dog owners are happier and healthier than someone without a pet. 

IF you are considering the possibility of expanding your family by one (or two, per pet policy!), you probably have a lot of questions regarding what breed of dog is best for your lifestyle and whether you should adopt a full-grown dog or find a puppy. How do you find a pup that doesn’t bother your allergy prone roommate? Here’s a short list of things to consider before making the commitment to a beautiful new pup.

Puppy or Adult? Nobody can dispute that puppies are downright adorable. While puppies are seriously cute (and let’s not talk about the puppy breath), they don’t stay small for long. They are tiny little creatures who require a lot of time, attention, and training.  If your life doesn’t allow a lot of time to meet the challenges of a new puppy than adopting a shelter dog or an older rescue may be the best option for you. Adult dogs tend to have some training already in place and will leave fewer messes in their new home.

Amount of Allergens? So you have a roommate that sneezes at the idea of getting a dog? Hypoallergenic dogs are a great option for you! There are various dogs that offer a short coat that barely shed and not all of them have a high price tag. Of course, Poodles are the most common breed known for their hypoallergenic qualities and people have been crossbreeding them to engineer adorable bubs for years. You may have heard of the Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Maltipoo, Schnoodle, Yorkipoo, Bernedoodle, and even the Pekapoo which are all wonderful pups that won’t bother your roommate.

Full-Grown Size? We have already established that puppies are the cutest thing on earth, but the adorable bundles of joy grow up and they grow up quickly! Larger dogs eat more food and take more space. While our pet friendly apartments in Dallas are spacious, you may want to consider a small or medium dog so you (or the pup) won’t feel too cramped. Animal Planet offers this easy to use Dog Breed Selector and we think it would be a great place to start on your search for a new companion.